Pool Maintenance Checklist and Supplies


Pools are often one of the most fun parts of the summer for many families. It’s true that there is a lot of upkeep involved, but it’s all necessary so you don’t have to shell out the big bucks later for expensive repairs. Many pool owners find that the maintenance process is a lot less hassle if they prepare ahead of time with a checklist of what they need and at what stage they need to do certain duties.

Starting the Season

Every pool is different, and you can ask a pool maintenance service in Cumming for specifics on your pool’s needs. Generally, however, you'll need to clean and inspect everything from the pool to the pool cover. Adjust your water height and chemical balance, inspect all pool components from your pump to your liner to your diving board. Lubricate fittings and other moving parts as necessary and backwash the filter if you have to. Make sure you have your skimmer, chemicals, and everything you’ll need for the season.

Every Week

You may need to clean your pool 2-3 times per week with a brush and vacuum, but at the very least, you should do a weekly round of maintenance by checking chemicals, the water level, and removing any debris that may have accumulated in the pool.

Every Month

Any company that does swimming pool maintenance in Cumming can help you get a full list of tests necessary to keep your pool healthy, but you should typically do them once a month. These include testing your calcium hardness, your total dissolved solids, and your salt levels. Also take this time to check your liner for cracks or holes.

Ending the Season

You may need more pool maintenance supplies from Cumming before your end-of-season shutdown so that you can balance your pool chemistry. Run your filter continuously for a day or two, lower your water level to 6 inches below the skimmer level. Then thoroughly clean everything and put away your supplies, blow out your lines, and plug them up. Add winterizing algaecide and close up the pool tightly with your cover until next year.