Why Are Pool Filters So Important?

At-home pools provide some of the best relief and relaxation from the heat of summer, but if you get behind on your pool maintenance, then it can become more of a stress than anything. Let’s examine the importance of pool filter maintenance and how that can ease your concerns for overall maintenance of your home pool.

Why It Matters

It’s not just an aesthetic appeal that makes a pool filter so important. Having one certainly keeps your water bright blue and clear of debris, but it also keeps dirt and other contaminants from the water. The human skin is incredibly absorbent. When you are swimming in a pool, any unwanted debris or organisms that are not properly treated by a filtration system have free reign to be absorbed into your skin. Thankfully a pool filter and treatment chemicals work together to make sure you don't have anything to worry about.

Different Types

There are three types of pool filters that people use: sand, cartridge, and one called a diatomaceous earth filter. They all work in the same way but have different advantages. There’s a pump on your pool that pushes the pool water into the filter, where the dirt particles get stuck. The water pump keeps on pushing until all that filtered water gets pushed back out into the pool. The process is continual.

Extra Benefits

Keeping your pool filters well-maintained has several other benefits than just keeping your pool blue. It keeps the water pressure at the right levels in your pool and it prevents any excessive wear on the pumps in your system. The system will also require fewer chemical additives to disinfect it if the pool filter is properly maintained over time, which is another bonus for the skin of the swimmers.

Just Give It a Rinse

Washing the filters regularly is a simple task that makes a huge difference to your system. You can wash them out in your sink or using a hose with water at a high pressure. It’s as simple as giving the filter a good rinse and putting it and materials back into your pump system when you're done.

For further information about pool filter maintenance in Atlanta, feel free to contact the pool and maintenance experts at Sunrise Pool Services for questions about cleaning, different types of filtration, and how to get the most out of your pool system.