What Chemicals Are Used for Pool Maintenance?

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It takes careful chemistry to maintain a swimming pool. Very few people realize the many different chemicals that are needed for swimming pool maintenance in Alpharetta, or how delicate the balance really is. Too much or too little of one chemical can make your swimming pool completely unusable. Do you know what chemicals you need to maintain your pool? Keep reading to learn more.


This is the one chemical that most people know to be needed for maintaining a swimming pool. Chlorine is essential to keep your pool's water clean and sanitary by keeping bacteria from growing in the water. Without it, your pool water would very quickly become dirty, and your pool would be a murky pond that nobody would want to swim in.


Remember learning about pH in school? Well, your swimming pool needs to remain at a very specific pH level in order for the water to remain healthy and usable. Chlorine raises the acidity of the water to prevent growth of algae and other bacteria. But sometimes, that acidity can get too high. This can cause your eyes to burn, skin to dry out, bathing suit to become bleached, and even light-colored hair to turn green. When the pH level gets too high, you can add ash to your pool. This is a base that will lower the pH level to an appropriate range.


A proper pH level would ideally keep any algae from growing in your pool. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, algae can still begin growing on the walls and floor of your pool, and when this happens, algaecide must be added to the water. This will kill off any algae attempting to grow in your water so that you can continue enjoying your pool. After all, nobody wants to swim in a pool that is slick with green algae.

These are just a few of the swimming pool maintenance chemicals an Alpharetta homeowner might need to use to keep the chemical levels of their pool in a healthy range. If you don't want to deal with all these chemicals yourself, hire a professional to take care of it for you.