Tips for Building a Pool in Small Backyard

Having a small yard doesn’t mean you can’t build a peaceful oasis in your backyard with all the bells and whistles, and that includes the crown gem of a backyard paradise—a swimming pool. The best pools aren’t measured strictly in size. Form, function, and design are the elements that matter. Of course, a small backyard probably eliminates the option of hosting competitive swimming practice in your pool, but other functions, like lap swimming, children’s games, a diving board and a restful place for relaxation can all be accomplished in a tight space. Here are a few tips for designing the perfect pool for a small backyard.


Most city codes require that backyard pools are fenced. So as you consider the footprint of your pool, don’t forget to include space for a fence. Many building codes also require a certain amount of space between a fence or pool and property lines, so keep that in mind as well. All of the elements of good design are in play. Atlanta swimming pool builders will craft a plan for a pool that fits your yard without overwhelming it, while placing it in such a way that the pool gets plenty of sunshine, has space for a fence, and meets codes related to

property boundaries.


The way your pool will be used will affect its design. Will your backyard oasis be used mostly by adults for relaxing? A pool designer will likely consider additional landscaping and built-in elements like in water benches or zero entry designs. Small pools can even be designed with the lap swimmer in mind. Jetted pools allow swimmers to get invigorating workouts in pools as small as one body length thanks to swim-in-place technology. It’s like having a swimming treadmill in your backyard. If creating a great place for your kids to swim and be entertained is a priority, a small pool can work as well as a large one. Kids can create fun in whatever amount of water your pool provides, but you can add elements like a diving board, slide, or bubble jets to even tight spaces.


Shape and proportion will be major factors in the design of a pool for a small backyard. A great rule of thumb for any design, but especially for a design in a minimal space, is to keep it simple. While many functional and attractive elements can be crafted in a small space, a small and well-designed pool won’t include them all! Tasteful, subtle elements can enhance your small backyard pool without overwhelming your yard and your senses.

Adding a pool to your backyard is a great way to create a place where the family can gather to make memories. With the help of a professional pool designer and a little creativity, you can have that oasis you’ve always wanted, despite limited space.